Pièces correspondantes de K&N Subaru 16546AA16A filtre à air

Le Subaru 16546AA16A filtre à air croise des références avec les parties de K&N filtre à air ci-dessous. K&N propose des produits compatibles filtre à air pour plusieurs Subaru filtre à air vous offrant une alternative.
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K&N Filtres À Air De Remplacement
  • Conçu pour augmenter la puissance
  • Garantie de 1.6 million de kilomètres
Robert Schwarz, Carmel, New York
Right part..right price..great fit..easy install. I'm a repeat customer to K&N. All my cars have had them. Great product
Jeff Larivee, Stoneham, Massachusetts
I have ALWAYS used K&N in my cars, HARLEY'S and ATV'S. I bought a brand new 2017 SUBARU IMPREZA SPORT. After only 400 miles of dealing with the dog of a 2.0 ENGINE Subaru is now putting in just about everything now, and thier CVT auto transmission....I HAD TO GET A K&N AIR FILTER (Subaru suffocate the car with everything to rob the car of power to make it a partial zero emissions vehicle) I installed the filter, AND IMMEDIATELY NOTICED A PICKUP IN LIFE IN MY NEW CAR Gas mileage went up, NIGHT N DAY IN PERFORMANCE (NO EXAGGERATION) If you buy a new SUBARU...YOU NEED A K&N! THANK YOU ALL AT K&N. You have had, and will continue to have, a life long customer!
Daniel Gregory, Coventry, Rhode Island
This is the fourth one of these I have dealt with. I put one in my wife’s Crosstrek. Then I talked two of my friends into putting them in their Impreza wagons. Then I bought one for my sisters birthday to put in her brand new Crosstek. These are great products and will last the life of the vehicle. So it is essentially paying for itself. These do not add crazy horse power but they do help with the pick up of the boxer motors. I have a different product by them on my wrx. I have had it I talked for over four years now and functions perfectly.
33-5064 K&N 33-5064 Filtres à Air de Remplacement
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