Pièces correspondantes de K&N Suzuki 1370418G20 filtre à air

Le Suzuki 1370418G20 filtre à air croise des références avec les parties de K&N filtre à air ci-dessous. K&N propose des produits compatibles filtre à air pour plusieurs Suzuki filtre à air vous offrant une alternative.
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K&N Filtres À Air De Remplacement
  • Conçu pour augmenter la puissance
  • Garantie de 1.6 million de kilomètres
Sylvain Watier, Clair, Canada
The product is nice and the delivery was fast but the box was destroyed when received. So bad that i was supprised that the filters were still good. One was bent on the frame but I could still use it. Still an excellent buy at a good price with shipping to Canada.
Randy Bisnett, Elk Grove, California
I've been a K&N fan for some time now. The filters are as high quality as there is for the money. The company is easy to deal with and the customer service has always been top notch. My most recent purchase was for my M109R. As soon as I installed these filters, I noticed an increase in my bikes performance and mileage. I'm likely to be a K&N user for life.
Terry Beeler , Louisville, Kentucky
Great fit and just what I needed.
SU-1806 K&N SU-1806 Filtres à Air de Remplacement
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