Pièces correspondantes de K&N Suzuki 1378048H00 filtre à air

Le Suzuki 1378048H00 filtre à air croise des références avec les parties de K&N filtre à air ci-dessous. K&N propose des produits compatibles filtre à air pour plusieurs Suzuki filtre à air vous offrant une alternative.
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K&N Filtres À Air De Remplacement
  • Conçu pour augmenter la puissance
  • Garantie de 1.6 million de kilomètres
Juan, Homestead, Florida
This is a really good modification to do to your bike. I replaced my oem air filter with the K&N air filter and the changes are noticeable. The engine sound increased drastically how somebody commented on the reviews and definitely you can feel the increase of hp and torque on middle and top of the rev range, very happy with my purchase.
Jonathan Case, Pennsylvania
I love this upgrade! Compared to the restrictive paper filter that was stock on my bike this one makes it run so much better!
Daniel, Orlando, Florida
This is the filter for the Suzuki GW 250. Not sure if it fits on other bikes as well but I am excited as the above reviewer. This changed the sound of my bike dramatically. Much more loud with a deep inhale coming from the box than before, I almost thought it wasn't closed all the way but it was. It sounds great though. Not sure how huge of a performance increase as of yet, only got to test it for 30 minutes. But tomorrow will be great. I'm wondering if gas mileage is affected more than acceleration because of the seemingly massive increase in air flow. I wonder if I need my air/fuel ratio adjusted any.
SU-2513 K&N SU-2513 Filtres à Air de Remplacement
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