Pièces correspondantes de K&N Yamaha 5UM14451E000 filtre à air

Le Yamaha 5UM14451E000 filtre à air croise des références avec les parties de K&N filtre à air ci-dessous. K&N propose des produits compatibles filtre à air pour plusieurs Yamaha filtre à air vous offrant une alternative.
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K&N Filtres À Air De Remplacement
  • Filtration exceptionnelle
  • Lavable et réutilisable
Tony, Novato, California
I have used K&N filters for years. I expect this one to perform like the others. It shipped with out the top, but a replacment showed up 2 days after I contacted them. Faster then expected. My only sugustion would be to make the nub on the filter locator the part that receives the retaining clip, was bigger so that it snaped into the top filter. I dropped it 2 or 3 times as the space is tight and I had to hold it in place while fiting the retainer or it would fall out.
YA-4503 K&N YA-4503 Filtres à Air de Remplacement
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