Filtres à Huile K&N pour le Ducati

Ducati Filtres à Huile

Ducati is a well known motorcycle manufacturer in Italy. Ducati was founded in 1926 producing vacuum tubes, condensers and radio parts. In 1944, Ducati manufactured a small engine to be mounted on a bicycle, and created their first complete motorcycle in 1950 called the Cucciolo. In September 2007, Casey Stoner clinched his and Ducati's first Grand Prix World Championship win. Ducati has won thirteen rider's world championships since the championship's inception in 1988. K&N offers premium, race inspired oil filters for the Ducati line. The Ducati oil filters feature high flow rate and superior efficiency for ultimate engine protection and a 17mm nut for easy removal.
Filtres à huile K&N pour votre Ducati

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