Comment trouver l'année de votre voiture ou camion, marque, modèle et cylindrée du moteur

Amérique du Nord:

Most vehicles have their model year and engine size (4.0L for example) printed on an emissions decal placed on the backside of the hood.

If you don't know your vehicle make and model, a quick look at the back of your vehicle may be all you need to do. Many vehicle manufacturers display make and model emblems on the back side of the vehicle.

If you are still having trouble locating your year, make, model or engine size, your vehicle identification number can be a quick and easy way to find the right K&N parts for your vehicle.

Your vehicle identification number is very easy to find. It is printed on a tag located on the driver's side dashboard of your vehicle and can be read from the outside looking through the windshield. The VIN is also located on a tag inside the driver's door jam or on the door itself. It is also listed on your vehicle registration certificate.

Now that you have your vehicle information, finding the right part is easy. Simply select your year, make, model and engine size from K&N's application search or enter your VIN using K&N's part search by VIN to find K&N air filters, intakes or other performance products that fit your vehicle.

La cylindrée du moteur et type de véhicule sont dans vos documents d'immatriculation. Toutefois, si vous ne savez pas si votre véhicule est spi (injection mono point) ou mpi (injection multipoint), nous vous suggérons de consulter votre marchand local.

Une fois que vous avez trouvé les informations de votre véhicule allez sur l'application de recherche K&N pour trouver le bon filtre à air, filtre à huile, ou l'admission directe pour votre voiture ou camion.